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December 19, 2016 - Emerson Automation Solutions has launched the Roxar API (
Emerson releases Roxar API for Roxar RMS software

December 19, 2016 - Emerson Automation Solutions has launched the Roxar API (Application Programming Interface), its extensibility solution for reservoir modeling and, in particular, for its software Roxar RMS. The Roxar API helps operators customize their workflows to achieve specific goals; improves data management capabilities with greater interoperability and flexibility; preserves vital reservoir information across multiple-stage workflows; and enables users to analyze and visualize their models in different ways for improved reservoir interpretation and increased recovery.ZW9自动化在线网

Using Python programming language, the Roxar API enables operators to integrate their own Intellectual Property into reservoir modeling workflows. In addition, applications can be written or extended to access RMS project data. This increased interoperability facilitates communication and information exchange between different software packages, ensuring maximum flexibility and expanding operators’ reservoir modeling capabilities.ZW9自动化在线网

The Roxar API, which is complementary to RMS’s shared earth model - a single model viewed by all disciplines - can be used in an open environment to expand the capabilities of existing software or used within the RMS environment to create unique solutions. The Roxar API has been designed to be accessible to novice programmers while simultaneously offering power to professional software developers. The Roxar API can be accessed from within RMS using the Python Job. This allows Python scripts to be saved with projects and used with other jobs to create repeatable RMS workflows. The scripts may be shared across multiple projects and throughout organizations as needed. ZW9自动化在线网

The Roxar API can also be used to build customized, standalone programs called Roxar Apps. Roxar Apps share project data and models with RMS and give extensibility to the software. An App can be developed and customized to achieve specific goals, with the Roxar API acting as a software platform on which operators can develop proprietary, commercial, or open solutions. These solutions can then be shared within the organization or with the wider community of Roxar API application users and developers. By exploring and learning from the Python developer community, users will be able to investigate different ways of visualizing and analyzing models and data.ZW9自动化在线网

Emerson’s Roxar RMS reservoir characterization and modeling software includes a variety of different modules covering well correlation, mapping, structural modeling, petrophysical modeling, local model updates, facies modeling, fracture modeling, reservoir engineering and uncertainty management. The latest release, RMS 10, comes with domain improvements and enhancements to the seismic to simulation workflow; new decision-support tools for improved reservoir management; and increased user performance and productivity. Roxar seismic to simulation software solutions help operators make informed decisions across the prospect lifecycle on where to drill, what production strategies to adopt, and how to maximize oil and gas recovery from their assets.ZW9自动化在线网

Emerson releases Roxar API for Roxar RMS software | Automation.com
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