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v [technology]OSI to Upgrade Electrical Distribution Control System in Malaysia  (2011-04-12 13:59:31)
v [technology]Radius to install wireless network for Saudi Water Drainage System  (2011-04-09 17:40:47)
v [technology]Emerson’s Wireless monitors water usage in Ireland  (2011-04-09 17:40:46)
v [technology]austriamicrosystems supplies RFID IC for Thinkify's TR-200  (2011-04-08 17:25:58)
v [technology]Honeywell extends simulation contract with Shell  (2011-04-07 18:09:25)
v [technology]Micro-Epsilon Confocal sensors measure diameter of stainless steel pipe  (2011-04-06 17:31:30)
v [technology]Metso to supply control room for energy-from-waste plant in Finland  (2011-04-05 19:17:13)
v [technology]Invensys installs optimization software at China National Petroleum  (2011-04-02 19:20:19)
v [technology]OSI to supply monarch SCADA/EMS to Montana-Dakota Utilities  (2011-04-01 17:39:48)
v [technology]HPI to install Replacement fuel governor on a Westinghouse turbine  (2011-03-31 18:05:27)
v [technology]GE to supply SmartSignal diagnostics to Constellation Energy  (2011-03-30 18:58:46)
v [technology]Metso to maintain valves at Petrobras refineries in Brazil  (2011-03-30 18:58:46)
v [technology]Tridium controls Manitoba Hydro Place building  (2011-03-30 18:58:41)
v [technology]GE to upgrade water plant controls in Waterford Township, Michigan  (2011-03-29 17:38:34)
v [technology]Taking out the Garbage: Making Windows XP suitable as a HMI Platform  (2011-03-26 15:57:01)
v [technology]Improving Plant Production with Wireless Condition Monitoring  (2011-03-26 15:56:57)
v [technology]Adding Process Control to a PLC-based System: Challenges and Opportunities  (2011-03-26 15:56:53)
v [technology]Motorola: Enterprise Mobility for Manufacturing White Paper  (2011-03-26 15:56:53)
v [technology]PMD: Motion Control Card for Machine Design  (2011-03-26 15:56:52)
v [technology]OSI to supply Volt/VAR Control System to Modesto Irrigation District  (2011-03-26 15:56:42)
v [technology]ABB to maximize efficiency at India’s largest seawater desalination plant  (2011-03-26 15:56:41)
v [technology]ABB automation takes copper mining to new heights in Peru  (2011-03-26 15:56:41)
v [technology]Portals for Industrial Automation, Process Control and Instrumentation on Automation.com  (2011-03-26 15:56:39)
v [technology]Semaphore to connect Water & Wastewater plant in New Zealand  (2011-03-26 15:56:39)
v [technology]Follett Ice: Three years of Demand Driven Supply Chain Efficiency - Still Part of Continued Process  (2011-03-26 15:56:38)
  • Atlas Technologies announces ins
  • Sercos International announces f
  • APC earns patents for Rate-Predi
  • Hexagon announces acquisition of
  • Ersa and Easy Logix announce par
  • Lockheed Martin chooses Aegis' M
  • FPGA Market Size, Share, Growth
  • ABB partners with Statoil to pro
  • UC-Irvine launches Reducing Embo
  • Proto Labs launches insert moldi
  • Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligen
  • Red Trident announces agreement
  • Seeq and Inductive Automation pa
  • OSIsoft and TrendMiner announce
  • OPC Training Course supports in

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