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v [technology]ABB to build natural gas power plant in Congo-Brazzaville  (2011-05-06 12:07:27)
v [technology]INITEC Energía adopts AVEVA Diagrams software  (2011-05-06 12:07:19)
v [technology]Make-to-order Job Shops face unique automation challenges  (2011-05-06 12:07:19)
v [technology]Overcoming barriers to wireless adoption  (2011-05-05 12:03:30)
v [technology]Networks diagnostics made easy - Monitoring PROFINET and PROFIBUS Networks  (2011-05-05 12:03:27)
v [technology]Metso to supply energy management system to Pori Energia  (2011-04-30 00:17:18)
v [technology]ABB to ventilate world’s largest tunnel  (2011-04-30 00:17:16)
v [technology]Cognex to supply 140 Barcode Readers to Kiva  (2011-04-27 17:57:03)
v [technology]DelSolar installs solar power at Foodservice Facility  (2011-04-22 20:56:55)
v [technology]Metso to modernize power plant automation at Xcel Energy  (2011-04-21 12:03:15)
v [technology]CNC solution cuts stone  (2011-04-21 12:03:11)
v [technology]Toshiba Security Supplies IP VIdeo Surveillance to food distributor  (2011-04-20 12:06:08)
v [technology]Racine Federated improves manufacturing process with iPads  (2011-04-20 12:06:05)
v [technology]ABB to supply substations in Africa  (2011-04-14 23:34:23)
v [technology]Heason to control Synchrotron at Brookhaven National Laboratory  (2011-04-14 23:34:21)
v [technology]PAS to supply alarm software to Southern Company power utility  (2011-04-14 12:28:43)
v [technology]Honeywell to control Abu Dhabi fertilizer plant  (2011-04-14 12:28:39)
v [technology]Innovasic to supply SoC to Advantech for EtherNet/IP  (2011-04-14 12:28:39)
v [technology]ABB to update automation systems at paper mill in Scotland  (2011-04-14 12:28:34)
v [technology]ABB to control coal gas seam project in Australia  (2011-04-13 12:02:19)
v [technology]OSI to Upgrade Electrical Distribution Control System in Malaysia  (2011-04-12 13:59:31)
v [technology]Radius to install wireless network for Saudi Water Drainage System  (2011-04-09 17:40:47)
v [technology]Emerson’s Wireless monitors water usage in Ireland  (2011-04-09 17:40:46)
v [technology]austriamicrosystems supplies RFID IC for Thinkify's TR-200  (2011-04-08 17:25:58)
v [technology]Honeywell extends simulation contract with Shell  (2011-04-07 18:09:25)
  • Honeywell and Seeq announce coll
  • Siemens to deliver automation sy
  • VDMA Report: European machine vi
  • CMR announces opening of Thailan
  • Siemens announces launch of Life
  • HIMA announces framework agreeme
  • Otto Motors to supply self-drivi
  • InfinityQS Report: Enterprise vi
  • Control Station announces techno
  • Siemens announces collaboration
  • ISA Director: Oil & Gas faciliti
  • Enhanced productivity to be on d
  • Nook Industries announces Jim Ro
  • Omnify announces technology part
  • C3 Solutions announces revamped

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